Promotional Orientation

In an effort to continue to provide a clearer understanding of the promotional process, I/O Solutions has provided a candidate orientation for the promotional processes. 

Use the link below to view the video of the 2019 Promotional Orientation. 


Illinois State Police Merit Board Lieutenant and Captain Candidate Orientation 2019


Orientation Overview

The following topics will be covered during the candidate orientation:

  1. Overview of the Lieutenant and Captain promotional processes.
  1. Written Examination
  • Written exam development process.
  • Test specifications.
  • Item writing style of I/O Solutions.
  • Tips for written examination preparation .
  1. Assessment Center
  • Assessment center exercise development process.
  • Types of exercises that may be included in the assessment centers.
  • Rating criteria and scales that are used by assessors.
  • Dimensions and criteria that candidates may be rated on for the assessment centers.
  • Role of the assessors and candidates in the assessment centers.
  • Preparation and recommendations for the assessment centers.
  • Rules governing the process of the assessment centers.
  • Scoring of the assessment centers.
  • Maintaining security of the process.